• Service

    91% of compliance with delivery schedules

  • Availability

    2 634 references delivered per year

  • Quality

    0,01% of non-compliance

  • Rapidity

    85 000 items delivered per year

  • Attentiveness

    A team always available

  • Central purchasing

    specialized in sourcing

  • NHE Aero & Global Solution

    supports its customers

Verfügbar für Verkauf

NHE Aero & Global Solution bietet Spielern in der zivilen oder militärischen Luftfahrt eine Liste der zum Verkauf stehenden Ausrüstung.


NHE AERO is a central purchasing company which offers, both French and foreign military and civil actors, solutions for their aircrafts' Maintenance in Operational Conditions:
- Equipments, consumables, tools supply,
- Repair management,
- Sourcing for obsolete components and equipments.